Who ate my bread? šŸ˜­

$19.99 USD

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Unisex Tee

Smal Length 27 '' inchesĀ  Width 36 '' inchesĀ  SleeveĀ  7 '' inchesĀ 
MediumĀ  Length 27.5 '' inchesĀ  Width 38 '' inchesĀ  Sleeve 7.5 '' inchĀ 
LargeĀ  Length 28 '' inchesĀ  Width 40 '' inchesĀ  Sleeve 8 '' inches
XLĀ  LengthĀ 30Ā '' inchesĀ  WidthĀ 42 '' inchesĀ  Sleeve 10.5 '' inches
2XL LengthĀ 31.5 '' inchesĀ  WidthĀ 44 '' inchesĀ  Sleeve 10.5 '' inches
Ā We want to let you know why XL sizes cost so much more than other sizes. As a small, personal business operating and shipping out of Asia, we have to work with different pricingĀ for fabrics and printing. Because our tailors usually receive orders for S/M/L sizes, XL orders have to be custom tailored in smaller quantities and thus cost more. XL shipping prices are also more expensive due to a difference in weight. We are happy to answer any questions you have about this, just contact us! Thanks for understanding.