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Where's My Stuff?

About Missing Tracking Information

Sometimes tracking information won't be available.

Here are some reasons why tracking information may not be available:

  • The first package scan may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination. This is common when shipping volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. Until this first scan, the carrier may not acknowledge receipt of the package.
  • The first package scan may not be until delivery.
  • Some shipments, such as Standard International shipments, are not trackable.

Reasons for Undeliverable Packages

There are many reasons that a package may be returned to us as undeliverable.

***Item was sent Thai Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation.***

If this item is unclaimed after 7 days then it will be returned to the Thailand post office

Returns and Exchanges Policy



Item is too big for a P.O. Box.
Some items are too big to ship to a P.O. Box and must be shipped to a street address.
Incorrect Address.
If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package is typically returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient.
Address Format.
If a post office box address was entered in a format our system does not recognize, the package may be shipped through a carrier that cannot deliver to a post office box. To ensure that such packages are routed through the proper carriers, please enter the box number as "PO BOX" followed by the number. Also, if you're a private mailbox holder (use a local commercial mail receiving agency), do not use "Box" for your mailbox number, instead use # or PMB. This will ensure that your address is not mistaken to be a P.O. Box, and that orders can ship to you via means other than the U.S. Postal Service.
Other Address Problems.
If the order is being shipped to a prison, there may be delivery restrictions associated with the items or shippers. These restrictions are determined by the penitentiary and may vary. For more information about shipping to prisons, go to About Shipping to Prisons. Many items can be shipped to Department of State addresses, however, some cannot and will be returned as a result. For a full list of shipping restrictions at a specific DOS address, please contact the DOS facilities staff at that location or review the DOS restrictions beginning on page 26 here:http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/88704.pdf
Failed Delivery Attempts.
Most of our carriers make three attempts to deliver a package. Packages that contain more than $1300 of merchandise will always require a signature; otherwise, it is generally up to the driver's discretion to determine whether a signature is required. After three attempts, the package will be returned to us.
Damaged During Transit.
If a package is damaged on its way to you, the shipper may return it to us without attempting delivery.
Other Transportation Problems.
Packages can be sorted to the wrong carrier or labels can be damaged such that the carrier is unable to determine the correct delivery address.
Refused by Recipient.
If a recipient is not expecting a package, they may refuse it if they believe it was sent to them in error.

The lists of Unclaimed Package & Incorrect Address

1.Cheryl Br. - USA : Address Incomplete 

2.Arianne Sa. -USA : Unclaimed Package

3.Axel  Vi.- France : Unclaimed Package

4.Julia Marfa R.- Germany : Unclaimed Package.

5.Sarah Sh.- SG : Incorrect Address

6.Chole Ha.-USA : Unclaimed Package

7.Dalila Ch.-USA : Unclaimed Package

8.Sticky Bu.-USA : Unclaimed Package

9.Arianne Sa.-USA : Unclaimed Package

10.Alexia Kl.-USA : Unclaimed Package

11.Lauren Ba.-USA : Unclaimed Package

12.Michelle Be.-USA : Unclaimed Package

13.Kira Ga.-USA : Unclaimed Package

14.Lim Ro.-SG : Unclaimed Package

15.Maria Mi.-USA : Unclaimed Package

16.Brittany Ber.-USA : Unclaimed Package

17.Trinity H. -USA : Unclaimed Package

18.Mekenna Sc.-USA : Unclaimed Package

19.Sabryn Fer.-USA : Unclaimed Package

20.Shirin Yaz.-USA : Unclaimed Package

21.Lulu At.-USA : Unclaimed Package

22.Ana Is.-USA : Unclaimed Package

23.Sarah Ky.-USA : Unclaimed Package

24.Ambach Ma.-France: Unclaimed Package

25.Jordan Sm.-USA : Unclaimed Package

26.Jasmine Ag.-USA : Unclaimed Package

27.Marisa St.-USA : Unclaimed Package

28.Aubrey Ka.-USA : Unclaimed Package

29.Yerody Ca-.-USA : Unclaimed Package

30.Alex Cle.-Canada : Unclaimed Package

31.Marit Wull.-Norway : Unclaimed Package

32.Michael-John W. -UK: Not called for

33.Shyla Stu .-USA : Unclaimed Package

34.Wanda Cin.-Puerto Rica: Unclaimed Package

35.Laura Sch.-USA : Unclaimed Package

36.Zach Mil.-USA : Unclaimed Package

37.Rocky Si.-USA : Unclaimed Package

38.Desiree.-Germany : Incorrect Address

39.Michalea H.-Sweden : Unclaimed Package

40.Sophia Si.-USA : Unclaimed Package

41.Michelle Mi.-USA : Unclaimed Package

42.Jillian Gr.-USA : Unclaimed Package

43.Aleena Ree.-USA : Unclaimed Package

44.Brittany Sor.-USA : Unclaimed Package

45.Natalie Mu.-United Arab Emirates : Incorrect Address

46.Daphne Gu.-USA : Other 

47.Hailley Ste. -USA : Unclaimed Package

48.Kay New. -USA : Unclaimed Package

49.Jade Lo.-AU: Unclaimed Package

50.Viviana Eva. -USA : Attempted not known

51.Danielle Ar.-USA : Unclaimed Package

52.Madi Mar.-USA : Unclaimed Package

53.Shannon. Sut.-USA : Unclaimed Package 

54.Taryn Ke. : UK : Address gone away

55. Naomi Fen. : AU: Unclaimed Package 

56.Kimberly Ha. :USA : Unclaimed Package 

57.Laura Si. :USA : Unclaimed Package 

58. Kimberly Tur. :USA : Unclaimed Package 

59.Christine Ja. :USA : Unclaimed Package 

60. Rachael Ya. : SG : Incorrect Address

61.Alecia Mi. :USA : Unclaimed Package 

62.Hissa Al H. : Qatar : Incorrect Address


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