Asian Snack Dagashi Mystery Box

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Asian snack box containing 10 of these items will be a wide assortment of Asian candy & Instant Noodles.
NO REPEAT ITEMS! Guarantee that every item in this box will have a different flavor for you to try!
Each box contains carefully hand selected goodies from Asia. Every item in this box has been taste tested and approved by our team before being selected to be put inside this box!
Great gift option for birthdays, anniversaries, care packages, office break room snacks, or to keep all to yourself!
Dagashi snacks 10 pcs & Instant Noodles.You can't choose dagashi or  type and flavor.
Dagashi refers to cheap candies and snack foods. Dagashi are comparable to American penny candy. The word "dagashi" is derived from the Japanese words "da" ("futile" or "negligible") and "kashi" (snacks).The low price and fun packaging is designed to attract children with small allowances, and "dagashi" came to be known as the small candies that children can afford with pocket money.
This is very special price.You can try Japanese snacks and noodles.They must make you happy!!

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